Fuguyoshi Bekkan

In quiet peaceful ambience in downtown of Oita city,you will have relaxed hours.

With upgrated hospitality and atomosphere,recommendable for group meeting ,for family, for your special guests.


  • Address:3-6-26 Chu0-machi Oita city (Just behind Kaisei kindergarden Chuo-machi Oita city)
  • TEL:097-537-7098
  • Opening hours : 15:00~22:00
  • Seats : 110 seats
  • Closed only the end and the beginning of the year
  • Credit cards acceptable  JCB・VISA・MASTER・DC
  • Course : incudes tax  ¥6,050~¥12,370
  • Average budget  :¥7,500~¥8,500
  • good for dinner meeting


■ Fugu Hot Pot course  ( tax included ) 6,050yen
Basic course ※ photo serves for 4 people
Appetizer、 Fugu sashimi、 Fugu Hot Pot、Soup finished with rice、Pickles

RoomMenu (Fugu course)Menu a la carteDrink
  • Many private rooms,seats from 2 to 65.
  • 13 private rooms (4 low table rooms)
  • Seats up to 65
  • 8 seats at the counter

●Fugu Hot Pot course (basic course)  tax incleded  6,050yen
Appetizer、Fugu sashimi、Fugu Hot Pot、 Soup finished off with rice、Pickles
●  Fried Fugu course  tax incleded  7,780yen
Appetizer、 Fugu sashimi、 Fried Fugu、Fugu Hot Pot、 Soup finished off with rice、Pickles
●Grilled Fugu with salt  course tax incleded  10,070en
Appetizer、Fugu sashimi、Grilled Fugu with salt、 Fried Fugu、Fugu Hot Pot、Soup finished off with rice、Pickles
● Grilled Fugu milt with Miso flavor course tax incleded  11,810yen
Appetizer、Fugu sashimi, Grilled Fugu milt with Miso flavor、 Grilled Fugu with salt、Fried Fugu、Fugu Hot Pot、 Soup finished off with rice、Pickles
● Grilled Fugu milt with salt course tax incleded  12,370yen
Appetizer、 Fugu sashimi、Grilled Fugu milt with salt、Grilled Fugu with salt、Fried Fugu、Fugu Hot Pot, Soup finished off with rice、Pickles

・ Fried Fugu tax incleded  1,810yen
・ Grilled Fugu with salt tax incleded  2,410yen
・Traditionally prepared Fugu served as a chrysanthemum flower platter.
・ Fugu sashimi tax incleded  3,640yen
・Customer recommended Grilled Fugu milt tax incleded  2,410yen
・ Recommeded to try while eating Fugu, Sake with grilled Fugu fins tax incleded  1,080yen
・Fugu Hot Pot tax incleded  2,410yen
・Grilled Fugu milt with Miso flavor tax incleded  1,810yen
・ Lightly grilled Fugu sashimi  ‘Tataki style’ tax incleded  2,410yen
・ Fugu Soup finished off with rice tax incleded  680yen
・ Hot Tea poured on rice topped with Fugu tax incleded  1,210yen
・ Fugu rice tax incleded  1,450yen
・Chunked Fugu tax incleded  3,570yen
・ Fugu Miso soup tax incleded  1,190yen
・ Fried  Fugu skin like Senbei tax incleded  595yen
・ Fugu Sushi tax incleded  1,450yen

  • Bottled beer (medium)  537yen+tax8% 580yen (Asahi,Kirin,Sapporo)
  • Draft beer (medium) 537yen+tax8% 580yen (Asahi super dry)
 Shochu (Kurokirishima,Shiranami,Iichiko,Nikaido)
  • Shochu with water 389yen+tax8% 420yen
  • Shochu with hot water 389yen+tax8% 420yen
  • Shochu on the rocks 389yen+tax8% 500yen
  • Bottled Shochu (900ml) 2,315yen+tax8% 2,500yen
 Chu-hai( Shochu highball)
  • Kabosu,like a lime in Oita  444yen+tax8% 480yen
  • Oolong tea  444yen+tax8% 480yen
  • Bottled white wine  2,963yen+tax8% 3,200yen
  • Bottled red wine 2,963yen+tax8% 3,200yen
 Sake (Japanese rice wine)
  • Sake with grilled Fugu fish fins in 1,000yen+tax8% 1,080yen (Using special Sake)
  • Japanese Sake 722yen+tax8%  780yen
  • cold Sake (300ml) 1,000yen+tax8% 1,080yen (Ichinoide nama,Tsujun Sowaniye)
  • Sake with milt 1,500yen+tax8% 1,620yen  (served only winter)
  • Nishinoseki  Bigin 5,093yen+tax8% 5,500yen (famous  pure rice Sake produced in Kunisaki)
 Umeshu (Plum Wine)
  • on the rocks  509yen+tax8% 550yen
  •   with soda 509yen+tax8% 550yen
  • on the rocks 509yen+tax8% 550yen
  • Kaku highball  509yen+tax8% 550yen
  • with soda  509yen+tax8% 550yen
 Soft drink
  •   Kabosu, like a lime in Oita juice  333yen+tax8% 360yen
  •   Oolong tea  278yen+tax8% 300yen
  •  Orange juice 278yen+tax8% 300yen
For reservation.